Ultimately, we know that our capabilities are people-based, and our professional recruiting and human resources staff consistently put the right people with the right qualifications in the right positions.   Shee Atiká’s extensive database of personnel supports a wide range of both CONUS and OCONUS including:


  • Intelligence Campaign Planning
  • Classified Databases and Websites
  • Foreign Media Analysis and Exploitation (including Document Triage)
  • Document Translation – technical, classified, DOCEX, FMA/IO


  • Transcription & Voice Over Translations
  • Linguist Services Support – Secret & TS Linguists
  • Language Training / Instruction – CONUS and OCONUS (classroom and immersion)
  • Interpretation – escort, consecutive, simultaneous
  • Pre-Deployment Training – language & cultural skills

Role Players/Trainers:

  • Role Players – native speakers
  • Cross-cultural Communications training
  • Bilingual Cultural Advisors & Subject Matter Experts (SME)

General Support:

  • Office Administrative Support –CONUS & OCONUS
  • Facilities Support – local & bilingual staffing of tradesmen and facility personnel
  • Advanced Military Skills Training


  • Planning of Geotecchnical Investigations
  • Phase I site assessments
  • Supervising field geotechnical investigations
  • Developing and implementing chemical sampling and analysis plans
  • Providing chemical QA/QC
  • Data validation and quality assessment
  • Writing work plans and health and safety plans
  • Performing chemical data review consistent with USACE and ADEC protocols
  • Testifying as expert witnesses on geotechnical, environmental and engineering matters;
  • Aerial photo interpretation material source evaluations
  • Performing human health risk assessment
  • Sampling / assessing indoor air quality, vapor intrusion / methane investigation
  • NEPA reviews
  • Preparation of waste management plans and waste disposal coordination
  • Asbestos surveys/lead paint inspection/mold assessments/hazardous materials surveys
  • Seismic risk – probable maximum loss reports
  • Design and implementation of multiple remedial technologies
  • Energy audits/energy benchmarking and disclosure/ efficiency engineering design

Our engineering/geotechnical teams have performed over 500,000 geotechnical / environmental projects throughout North America. Over the past 9 months, our team has performed investigations at 150 contaminated sites with each of these investigations including conduct of office studies, preparation of work plans and associated health & safety plans (H&S Plans) development and implementation of chemical sampling and analysis plans, performance of field work that included geophysical studies, soil and groundwater sampling for multiple contaminants of concern (COCs), analysis of chemical data and preparation of project reports summarizing chemical and physical data. During this same period, the team has performed office studies and site investigation / inspection of over 13,200 sites (with over 50 sites across Alaska) with a majority of these sites including the analysis of historic documents and aerial photographs.